Day 5 in Japan: Typhoon Night and the Day after

I’ve survived the typhoon, damn, that was scary!!!

As I was extraordinary tired yesterday I went to bed early and really was able to sleep…until two o‘ clock in the morning. When I woke up the wind and rain had become stronger and I was afraid. Thank God there’s a time shift between Germany and Japan, so I was able to reach half my family by MSN. b. was with me all night, because I was too afraid to get into bed again. Actually the wind was so strong that the whole house was shaking! No lie! It was really scary. My TV has got a NHK news channel and I was ablte to see how the typhoon was coming nearer and nearer. It approached Okazaki at about 6 a.m. and I thought the roof might come off or something was going to crash my window, but suddenly sun rose and the birds started to sing. That was the moment when I knew everything was okay. I returned to bed and slept till past two p.m.

Here are some pictures of other parts of Japan:



I didn’t leave the house today, because it was still windy, so I don’t know what Okazaki looks like but I heard a lot more ambulances than the days before ._.

The crazy thing is after the storm it got really hot and sunny today. It’s a pity I couldn’t ride my bike through the streets (I suppose it’s still there…isn’t it?)!


Here are only some pictures I took from my window. I was awake about three hours when dawn came XD
I shouldn’t sleep the entire day but this was really an exception!


In the distance you can see some mountains. It’s beautiful and I can’t await to see more of this country!


Well, school hasn’t even started and I’ve already started to learn. Yesterday the teachers told me what to repeat, so I do it ^^


I have to admit, this is no long entry, but nothing really happened today…of course besides the fact I’m still alive and wasn’t blown on top of Mt. Fuji! Take good care, all of you!

Alles Liebe,

7 Gedanken zu „Day 5 in Japan: Typhoon Night and the Day after

  1. Jlunie sagt:

    Naja…lernen ist eine Alternative zum nichts tun :-D
    Gut das du das Unwetter überstanden hast….aber das es so schnell wieder sooo schön geworden ist. Schon komisch ^^

    Vermisse dich und ich bin ein gespannter Leser!!! Genau wie Julz und meine Schwester :-) Bis dann!

  2. Aki sagt:

    Schön, dass du alles heile überstanden hast. Ich hab hier schon ein mulmiges Gefühl, wenn es mal stärker stürmt – dabei wohne ich relativ geschützt, weil ein Hügel den meisten Wind abhält. xD‘ Hätte ich Panik gehabt!
    Bin sehr gespannt, wie’s bei dir weitergeht.. wann beginnt denn die Schule?

  3. Mina sagt:

    Guten Morgen, bei mir geht’s heute los! Ich hoffe so sehr in der Beginner 3 Klasse zu sein, die dann zur Mittelstufe übergeht und nicht eins drunter *Daumen wunddrück*

  4. Mina sagt:

    I WAS afraid! Before I was more like excited and a little bit fooling around, but when the storm actually arrived I realized I’ve watched too many disaster movies…I had horrible visions on my mind. Gladly everything turned out fine and the weather is back to what it was like on the first day: Sunny, sunny, sunny!

  5. Salomé sagt:

    It must be really frightening to live somehting like that ! I’d be as afraid as you if I were in your shoes! I don’t like when there are a lot of wind!
    I wish you good luck for your studies.

  6. Maru sagt:

    Wow, und fleißig biste auch noch. *tätschel* Die Bilder sind ja schon etwas erschreckend. es war die richtige Entscheidung zuhaus zu bleiben, denk ich.

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