Day 3 in Japan: Money, Shopping & an Italian Restaurant

Today, I’ll try my best to write in English so everybody can follow along *huggles to Salomé* Don’t mind the mistakes, you know I barely passed the exam ;p

Last night wasn’t my best. I awoke at five o‘ clock in the morning after a stupid nightmare, but to my suprise it was only ten o‘ clock in Germany so I was able to call b. and we talked for over half an hour. Untill I returned to bed sun was already rising and I wasn’t able to get to sleep again…at first. When I finally woke up it was almost past noon! What a shock! I had planned to go shopping in the morning, take a bath after the bike ride in the rain and then learn for tomorrow’s entrance exam…

Well, so I started my day a twelve o‘ clock, who cares? ^_~ Here you can see the house I live in, my apartement is the one in the middle on the first floor of the dark brwon building. To the left and right there are even more Yamasa student acommodations.


Trash seems to be a very important topic in Japan and there are many public deposit places. You have to bring your garbage out the morning of the day it’s taken away, NOT the evening before! I had to take a picture of the sign, so I can translate it. I don’t really get the difference between burnable and non-burnable trash.


Here are two pictures of nice places I came across on my ride to the train station. I was running out of money and the maestro webpage said there should be an ATM, that I can use with my card, in front of it…somewhere. I found it in the post office…not in the bank nearer to the station. *lol*



This is Okazaki station. With the rainy sky everything looks even more grey, but I cannot tell you how much fun it is to explore the area by bike.


Did I say bike? That’s the car park in front of the station, well it’s more a bike park. Bikes as far as the eye can reach! Awesome, isn’t it?


Afterwards I was out for shopping again. As I need about two hours per shop, and I visited three, you know what has been my main task today. At least I do have a 1.200 W hair dryer now (a country with 110V just isn’t enough…I miss my 2.200 W dryer at home) and quite some cute stuff for everyday life and…some food: eggs, shoyu (soy sauce), miso (a paste to make soup and season meals), udon noodles, even more furikake and some fresh vegetables and fruits. It was all still expensive, but Tuesday seems to be Super Saving Day at Jusco. Almost every second item’s price was reduced and there were lots and lots of people.

I just arrived in time to meet the young man who lives right downstairs. He had invited me to meet some other students and we went to a new Italian restaurant together. There I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and a dessert set, which meant one drink and additionally I was allowed two choose two pieces of a dessert buffet for the price of normally the drink alone. Strangely enough the drink came with the dessert and not with the main meal and I should keep distance from anything that’s connected with tea here. I ordered lemon ice tea, but it tasted more like the standard Japanese green tea, which I don’t like very much. However the dessert was so small and cute and also delicious. My fellow students looked a bit sceptical when I took a picture of the cake, but I just had to ^^


Here are some of the cutie, cutie, cute things I have bought for my little household. A glass container for my sugar, a totemo kawaii cup and two really gorgeous sponges for cleaning the dishes. The one that looks like a cloud with a face is so soft, I’d rather take it with me to bed to cuddle instead of using it for the plates ^_~


I have to get up tomorrow to write my test, but I’m still jetlagged. Wish me good luck for the test…or at least that I can get up early enough ^^°

Alles Liebe,

8 Gedanken zu „Day 3 in Japan: Money, Shopping & an Italian Restaurant

  1. Salomé sagt:

    Dear Elisa,
    Thanks a lot for writing in English! I hope that you’ll be able to do it more, or send me personnal e-mail. If I remember well, you’ll stay there 6 months?
    I sent you a letter some days before you leave, did you get it?

  2. Jlunie sagt:

    Hello!!! *wink*

    Ich wünsche dir auch viel Glück für morgen und ich finde deine Bilder richtig klasse. Da fühlt man sich als ob man da wäre.
    Also wie vor Ort. Du bist 6 Monate da?
    Na das geht ja noch ;-)

    Denk an dich!!!

  3. Moni sagt:

    awwwww ich freu mich =D so cool dass du jetzt endlcih deinen Traum wahr machen kannst und in Japan bist – ich finds echt so klasse =)

    Bist du jetzt als Austauschschülerin mit Programm dort oder wie??

    Ich hoffe du bloggst weiter so fleißig… ich muss ja alles lesen was du da so erlebst… find ich echt super!!!


  4. Everl sagt:


    vooooolll cool und super spannend- süße ich drück da de daumen für den eingangstest^^
    denk ganz feste an di^^

    weiter so fleißig bloggen…bin scho sooo gespannt ollaweil^^


  5. Maru sagt:

    Das mit dem Müll raff ich auch net wirklich. Ich weiß nur, dass es echt überall total sauber ist, aber kaum wo Mülleimer zu finden sind! Zumindest in Tôkyô war das so…

    Haaach und die Fotos machen mich neidisch! Erdbeer-Shortcake!!! Ich liebe das… By the way… Erdbeere = ichigo ;)) Uuuund probier Apfeltee, wenn es den irgendwo gibt. Totaaaal lecker und süß. Schmeckt wie sehr leckerer Apfelsaft und ist in supersüßen Flaschen verpackt (gab es an verschiedenen Orten in Getränkeautomaten. Mein Prinz hat gerne dieses Zitronenwasser getrunken.
    Der Schwamm mit den Sternchen ist ja herzallerliebst! Der Rest aber auch. ^-^

    Viel Glück für den Test, im nachhinein. ^^;

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