Day 230 in Japan: A little more of the perfect life

From my point of view Friday was another chapter in my (almost) perfect life recently. Are my classmates involved? You bet they are! School was fun, maybe a little bit too much because my teachers start to be annoyed by my good mood which is equivalent to I can’t stop laughing during class. But hey, who could when after you’ve learned the Japanese word for ‚incest‘ your neighbour shows you his dictionary where it says in English ‚a warm family reunion‘.

After school I set off to Aeon Mall with G. and. J. to buy a present for G.’s friend. I was to shops I’d never been to before and took pictures of some adorable baby stuff like the strawberry hat and the animal rompers above ^^ My Japanese is far from being fluent but it’s really nice that we’ve all come to a point where we’re able to talk about almost everything. When I had arrived here I was always afraid to meet with people with whom my only common language is Japanese, that’s not the case anymore :3

Later in the afternoon the three of us and P. and S.-kun met at the Student Village to cook and it was a lot of fun. Although I can’t imagine to live in the Student Village I have to admit it’s a fun place to hang out, because there’s always somebody and you know I love to be in the middle of events (or should I say attention? *muahaha*).
G. and J. made Chinese pizza for us. The ingredients for the dough are almost the same as for normal pizza only that we didn’t use yeast and the pizza isn’t baked in the oven but made with a lot of oil in a pan. Very yummy.

The initiation for our little meeting was an yoghurt-ice cream recipe our teacher had pinned to the wall in the classroom. P. offered to make it for us so we ended up having a cooking-party :3 All we needed for the ice cream was yoghurt and meringue, though it’s not easy to beat the egg whites without a mixer ><

S.-kun made tasty Asian food and A. joined us with selfmade brownies and apple pie ._.

Next time it’s my turn to cook, I’d say ^^

After dinner we were more or less unable to move and I wonder how we made it to S.-kun’s apartment, especially so fast because we tried to avoid the ice cream from melting away completely xD H.-chan was the last to join us there and we watched Inglourious Basterds.

Ah, I’m sourrounded by so many wonderful people <3

Wah, who’s that? Could be me, huh? And I look tired but happy xD

In the end we realized we had made plenty of ice cream like in ice cream for around 20 to 24 people instead of ice cream for 6 servings lmao A good reason to meet the next day too and watch another movie.

Alles Liebe,

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