Day 229 in Japan: Fruits Basket

Today it was so warm I dared to wear my new white, cute as a button skirt :3 With the original plan to study only six months here I’d be back home by now – in other words I don’t have any clothes for spring or summer with me. A good reason to regluraly go to uniqlo to look for some nice shirts and skirts. Apparel was also the topic of last weeks elective class for daily life vocab. To review the words we played a popular game called Fruits Basket today.

You have one guess who was the onigiri -_- I had to say sentences like „everybody who wears a Poloshirt“…then the affected players had to stand up and change places while I had to try and take one of their seats first to be displaced as the onigiri. This was quite some action, I tell you. H.  ended up on somebody’s lap while I body checked another player to get a seat xD
Epic Fail of that day: After the sentence „everybody who wears underpants“ all the other players were really fast and had already changed seats, so I was lazy and remained on my chair. Ten pairs of eyes stared at my with a „you don’t wear panties?“-look ><*

Today’s picture shows another creepy snack I saw today at the supermarket. Peanuts and fish…yummy ;P

Alles Liebe,

5 Gedanken zu „Day 229 in Japan: Fruits Basket

  1. Mina sagt:

    @Coppy: Tentakel ODER Augen :P Und das mit den Automaten habe ich heute in einem Beispielsatz geschrieben (meine Lehrerin war total empört, wo ich sowas gehört hätte xD) und daraufhin von jemandem erklärt bekommen, dass es wohl eine Urban Legend ist >< Aber ich werd mal noch weiter recherchieren!

  2. Coppy sagt:

    Sag Deiner Lehrerin schöne Grüße… und dass ich das natürlich sehr schade finden würde, falls es nur eine Urban Legend ist. :-D

    Beim ersten hinsehen dachte ich sogar, dass es Tentakel UND Augen sind. :-)

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