Day 19 in Japan: Mr. Craftman & Bavarian Imports

As times goes on daily life hits me and the tome to blog gets less. Of course afterwards I forget what happened and I can’t tell you as much about day19 as I had planned but I will do my very best. The story about that day starts in the evening…whith someone ringing the bell at my door. It’s not that I had any visitors in my apartment before (besides Anna and Sarah of course) so I was a little bit suprised. It was my neighbour to the left: Matthew from the UK!

The reason for his visit wasn’t a pleasent one – I was too loud the night before…well, embarrassing. But do you know what? It happened that we had a pretty good talk about…Japan…for about almost an hour XD That was pretty fun! He told me about import/healthy food shops near school and at the Aeon Mall…and as luck would have it, we planned to go there. It’s not like we wanted to go shopping again…one heel of my pumps was broken. If that is not a good reason to go there XD

Of course I checked out the import shop and we were in „in case of homesickness“-paradise: Ritter Sport, Haribo, Milka, Röstzwiebeln und Stanglmeier Weißwürste XDD


We weren’t able too find the shoe repair, so I had another chance to use my new Japanese skills and ask politley for the way at the information. Afterwards we easily found „Mr. Craftman“ XD

I swear I brought the biggest shoes for a woman he had ever seen (those would be something like queen queen queen size in Japan^^) but he understood what I wanted (and that is more than I can say about some other occasions here).


All three of us LittleRedRidingHood-Gang-members love cute stuff, but Sarah is especially fond of frogs, and Japan is like a frog pool!


Over and out for today XD

Alles Liebe,

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