Day 20 in Japan: Lazy Friday

On Friday our ways started to part ^^ Sarah’s class is pretty cool and so the teacher organized a dodgeball game for after school. So Anna and I had to entertain ourselves and decided to check out the next department store: „Feel News“. It more or less consists of only a supermarket and a cheap clothes store, but in the basement there’s a small Serie 100 Yen store and a kid’s corner. I just had to take some pictures for you XD Do you know this guy? It’s Anpanman!


He’s so big, you can actually sit inside (well, at least when you’re a kid).


There are like gaming machines everywhere, but of course they are super cute!


Ans most of you may know gashapon. There’s not only one automat here and there, but there are walls of them. Ther’s nothing you cannot find as a gashapon toy. Anime characters, catpaws that purr if you press them, and squeezable cookies.


They day turned out a little bit boring. Sarah was hanging out with here class in the vening, too, so we two leftover girls rode our bikes to Aeon and strolled around. When we felt hungry we bought some (can’t read the kanji)-yaki. It’s like a fish-shaped pancake with different fillings. This one was a savory variation filled with ham, salad, mayonnaise and ginger. Of course I received a stampcard (you can guess, with little fish-stamps)…my wallet ist full of them >_<°


With a whole week of sleep-shortage I was half-dead and finally took a very hot bath and went to bad. You see, japan – besides the fact it’s JAPAN – isn’t exciting every day XD

Alles Liebe,

8 Gedanken zu „Day 20 in Japan: Lazy Friday

  1. Aki sagt:

    Dises Wasauchimmer-Yaki sieht lecker aus. oo Erinnert mich ein bisschen an nen Kebap oder sowas? xD

    „Anpanman“ kenne ich btw noch nicht – woher weißt du immer die ganzen Namen? *lol* Stehen die dran, fragst du..? :3

  2. Everl sagt:

    Is die Semmel/keks was auch immer rausgebacken? Sieht- äh- hm- mit den aufgedruckten Zeichen echt interessant aus (hier interessant ned a anders wort für schei**!!!)^^
    miss u (vor allem gestern an helloween)

  3. Moni sagt:

    Das sieht irgendwie aus wie Spekulatius mit Kebapfüllung…
    LECKER!!!! *würg* XDD

    Ich hoffe es hat nicht so geschmeckt =DDDD

    Eigentlich is Japan ziemlich kinderfreundlich wenn man das so ansieht… in unseren Einkaufszentrum hast du VIELLEICHT einen Einkaufswagen mit komischen Buggy dran… aber kaum so viele knuffige Sachen….

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