Day 18 in Japan: Little Natchan

Hm, one Natchan is never enough so I bought a little one that is easier to carry (mochiyasui) for school. Can you see that little Natchan’s cuteness is even topped by the fact there’s a supercute Miffy phone strap attached? XD So this was my bento for school, rice, fish and edamame (green soy beens). I really love those. You slightly slit the paring and shoot the beans in your mouth (or at the person next to you, it depends…).


I guess my blog entries will get more and more boring, because it’s the same every day: After school I slept and then we went shopping.  ^^ But this time we discovered a little shop in Wing Town where you can buy cute and sparkly stuff to decorate…everything? This is the cash desk:


On our way home we discovered this totally cute „press me to cross the street“ button near the local school. And the traffic lights turn to green after only some seconds, it’s very pedestrian friendly *loves Japan*


I NEED a bed…NOW! I’ve stayed awake due to black tea for days now…tired…bed…

Alles Liebe,

7 Gedanken zu „Day 18 in Japan: Little Natchan

  1. Jlunie sagt:

    Ich würde ja auch alle zwei-drei Tage mit einem Eintrag zufrieden sein.
    Hauptsache man bleibt auf dem Laufenden :-)
    Freu mich!!!

  2. Aki sagt:

    omg pink! Diese.. Kasse? sieht für meinen Geschmack furchtbar aus, aber der Laden selbst.. ich will auch! Q_Q Für nen Bastelfan wie mich muss das doch DAS Himmelreich sein. |D

  3. Salomé sagt:

    But you’re never boring Elisa, anyone who like you will always read your blog with a lot of pleasure even if it’s repetitive because it’s always a pleasure to read a friend. And your post are so great, I like all the photos of daily life in Japan you take. I didn’t know Japan was a so funny country, with funny/cute sign etc. If you want to make your blog more interesting, write some lines about Japan, the culture, things you learn at school. Write about what you think and how you feel. You can make it more interesting in some lines. You can also talk about Anna and Sarah, how they’re as person, what you like/don’t like in them etc. I’d be happy to know more about your new friends because I know how important they must be for you and I think you’re so lucky who found 2 girls who are from your country.

  4. Maru sagt:

    Edamame mag ich auch total gerne! Yummy! Und ich finde das Bentôset zuckersüß. Da bekommt man richtig Lust selbst mal ne japanische Schule zu besuchen. *waiiii*

  5. Everl sagt:

    …ich korrigier noch a weng..dann gibts die e-mail zruck^^
    gehts da gut? mir fehlen scho deine comments..alles ok?
    dei everl

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