weekly retrospect 02

In my universe I’m the sun

Somehow you can’t call this a ‚weekly‘ retrospect, but…well, let’s ignore that. I’m here to give a short update, because most people might wonder what I do all the time because I stopped blogging back in October January (I have difficulties uploading pictures and can’t send emails with attachments…it’s annoying ><*).

At the moment I live the perfect life…I’m still in Okazaki and spring has come to this part of Japan with a lot of cherry blossoms, green and all kinds of other beautiful flowers. I managed to get into C class this semester (with A being the highest level) and have a great class. Actually my class is so great that I’m looking forward to going to school everyday, just to meet them and have fun during class. Besides that we meet several times after school and go to the movies, eat together or make trips. When I’m not out with them I’m of course with my girls, just hanging out or biking around Okazaki to buy cute stuff or cheap manga. I see temples and shrines, kawaii stationary…okay, everything in Japan is kawaii, a lot of craziness…I spend time in stylish cafés, eat my food using chopsticks and speak Japanese. If I’m in the mood on the weekend I just stay at home and spend the entire day on my futon writing letters to my family.

You could say I’m happy :3

Activities or What’s going on in Okazaki?

Highlight of this week was without doubt this weekend. Friday after school I went to Mr. Donut to eat cookie crullers with my classmates, in the evening we watched Iron Man. On Saturday the same group of people and even some more went to Nishio together to see the tea fields (do I have to mention we got lost xD), eat BIG Brazilian pizza and spend the rest of the evening at a pond, looking at the stars and talking about a lot of dirty interesting stuff xD
Today I spent some quality time with my Japanese friend Y. at an adorable café near Minami Koen and managed to send home some printed matter packages with A. and S.

And now I sit here, listening to my iPod in front of the open window, look forward to tomorrow (26°C) and send some short messages to the ones I love and miss before I go to bed. Have I mentioned I’m happy? :3

Alles Liebe,

3 Gedanken zu „weekly retrospect 02

  1. Sari sagt:

    Du liest Dich wirklich mehr als zufrieden, man könnte den Eindruck gewinnen, dass du irgendwie zu Hause angekommen bist, oder? Mein Vater sagte das mal zu mir, nachdem wir umgezogen sind und ich auf einmal eine ganz andere Stimmung hatte. Man ist zufriedener mit sich selbst und der Welt.
    Ich hoffe, die Zukunft wird genauso schön für Dich :)

  2. Mina sagt:

    Ich kann dir leider nur zustimmen…’leider‘ weil ich bald nach Hause muss. Selbstverständlich natürlich davon abgesehen, dass ich mich auf meine Familie, Freunde und das Essen xD freue, schaue ich meiner Rückkehr nämlich eher mit zwei weinenden Augen entgegen >< Japan erfüllt mich seit dem ersten Tag mit innerer Ruhe und Glück, ich wäre gerne noch eine Weile hier!
    Andererseits beginnt dann das nächste Abenteuer und wer weiß was mich Schönes erwartet ^^

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