Day 13 in Japan: B.B.Q. & Creepy Sweets

Dear readers, it’s Friday Night and one week of school is already over. We’ve done three and a half lessons, that’s so quick and still it doesn’t feel too fast. My Japanese improves with every day and at least rudimental conversation becomes easier. It’s a new hobby to ask people in the supermarket or at the post office for some help concernign different matters. I might scare them, but for me it’s great.

For lunch I’ve tried a new bento (I was too tired in the morning to make my own) and lion-hearted I chose the cheap one with the fish…you know, seafood isn’t my favourite kind of dish. The classmate I had met at the shop told me that the deep-fried stuff might be potatoes and sweet-potatoes…it was not. When my German girls at the table saw what I had bought, they were all like „There might be fish/seafood inside“…this sentence hunts me over here…and it’s true: In Japan there might be fish in anything!
I cannot exactly tell what all of this was…but the yellow thing in the middle was calamary and it tasted good…it’s only that I shouln’t have had a look at what it looked like beneath the tempura…calamary do have suckers, you know!? Creepy!


Today after school I slept for some time (I cannot admit it’s been almost two hours) and then met Anna and Sarah to go for some shopping in Wing Town before we left of to the „New Students B.B.Q.“ at the student’s bar „Zig Zag“. With Helloween ahead there are funny costumes in every shop like Care Bear overalls or Pikachu caps.


At a car park I took this picture, secretly, of course. I didn’t intend to annoy the hardcore biker who’s the driver of this… (haha, compare the size to the bike next to it ^^)


At the B.B.Q. there were less people than expected…nobody seemed to know or be interested. No matter what, it was a fun event.



At around ten we left and went to the post office (there ARE plenty of people to hand in their stuff at this time) and to JUSCO to satisfy our late night Fanta and chocolate cravings. Here are two funny pictures (at least for me, I don’t know these things from Germany) with a back and…what’s that…a shaver for the sole of the foot? b. assured me it’s anatomically impossible to have hair at that spot, so it must be for horny skin instead…but if you only take a quick look…XD


Ans I suppose those are …what? Perhaps Q-Tips…?


But as I said we went there for chocolate and in between all the delicious cookies and sweets I found THIS! Creepy, creepy, creepy! It’s dried octopus or something and looks like an alien from „Independence Day“!!!


However one of the best things today was that two Japanese young women suddenly spoke to us and asked if we could meet to hang out together for some English/Japanese practice, girls chat and to simply have fun. I’ve received an email by one of them just some minutes ago. I wasn’t sure wether I’d be able to make Japanese friends, now it was that easy!

Alles Liebe,

6 Gedanken zu „Day 13 in Japan: B.B.Q. & Creepy Sweets

  1. Jlunie sagt:

    Miss you!!!!!

    Ich freue mich, dass es dir so gut geht da drüben!
    Bei mir läuft es momentan nicht so gut, aber das gehört ja weniger hierher ;-)
    Ich drück dich und wir lesen uns :-D


  2. Salomé sagt:

    I want a Pikachu costume for Haloween!!!! I want one , I want one!!!! And I want this Pikachu cap!!!! Guillaume and I are Pikachu fans!!!! Did you see Pokemons items/shops? You’re so lucky to be a so good time there, it seems you met very nice people and it’s so great that those 2 womens wants to hang out with you! I hope you’ll tell me about them and your meeting. I received your nice postcards and I was so glad, thanks a lot! I miss reading your long letters and hope some day you’ll find time to write me one.
    Could you give me your address in Japan?

  3. Aki sagt:

    OMG dieses ‚dried octopus‘ sieht wirklich.. bäh aus. |D‘
    An sich mag ich ja Fisch und sowas, aber das schreckt mich doch etwas ab.

    Die Pikachu-Kappe ist iwie lustig – ne Freundin hat sich zu Fasching mal ein ganzes Kostüm selbst gemacht. Sah zwar etwas unförmig aus, war aber eindeutig erkennbar. :D
    Ouh, und schön, dass das „Freunde“ bzw „Bekannte“ finden so gut läuft. <3

  4. Moni sagt:

    Looooooooooool…. die rasieren sich den rücken die asiatischen ladies… ihhhh XDDDD
    Ich mein gut die sind zwar dunkelhaarig, aber doch nicht so behaart?!?!?!?!!! ODER???? hilfeee XD

  5. Everl sagt:

    Hey Mina,

    freut mich zu hören, dass da unetn immernoch alles grad läuft…
    bäh also des essn..urks..da hätt i wohl a so meine skrupel..aba in indonesien ham hannes und ich a a paar sehr undefinierte sachn gegessn^^
    jo de pikatchu mütze und de pseudo rasierer? massierer?*grübel*
    viell fehlt sowas bei uns no? patent amt- patent amt^^

    drück di
    as everl

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