Finished Project: Pulse Protectors

Back in September I told you about a lovely yarn I had bought. And my plan to make my first knitting project with cables: pulse protectors from the Vampire Knits book (I posted about it here). Now they’re finished and it’s been quite a journey.

I’m not very good at knitting yet. Still, I know how to knit and to purl. And I’m not the one to stick with scarfs in stockinette or garter stitch forever. So I was looking for something more challenging. So I chose a pattern that isn’t knit in the round (Handling four to five needles at once? Not yet!!!) but has got a nice cable pattern. I felt like an idiot at first, trying to handle the cable needle. More then once the needle simply dropped and my stitches were ready to begin a new life in freedom :O

I think I frogged the beginning of the first mitten three to four times until I worked it out. But then it went rather smoothly. And I’m really happy with the outcome. True, I have to work on my seaming skills. But all in all I’m very proud I handled a cable pattern at this stage of my life as a knitter (oh, that sounds so nice :heart_pale: )

While the yarn was wonderful to work with (and there’s almost a whole skein left to be turned into something beautiful) it IS wool after all. So after wearing them for some days, the wool starts to felt and I have to remove those little lints. Maybe I’ll treat myself to one of those lint shavers.

More Info

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: pulse protectors published in Vampire Knits
Yarn: 1.1 skeins of Nimbus by Zitron (100% Organic Merino)
Needle Size: 3 mm
Time: about three to four days

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      • Mina sagt:

        Bisher nicht. Das Projekt Socken gehe ich an, wenn meine Handschuh-Wut etwas abgeklungen ist :lol: Stelle ich mir aber schwierig vor. Socken haben so komische Sachen wie Fersen, Käppchen und Sickel. Hoffentlich kriege ich das auf die Reihe. Novae hat in einem Kommentar weiter unten empfohlen. Da hab ich mir schon ein paar Anleitungs-Videos angekuckt. Die sind super. Vielleicht kannst du’s damit probieren. Gibt einen ganzen Socken-Strickkurs.

    • Mina sagt:

      Thanks for your reply and the compliment. I checked out nadelspiel and the site is great. I’ve already watched some of the videos and they are so much better then the rest I had found on youtube so far. eliZZZA explains exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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