Mother’s Day 2009


This year, in combination with the DSDS finale I stayed at my Mom’s house overnight. Sunday morning my little sister woke me up (ah, not enough sleep) and we prepared a Mother’s Day breakfast. It was so hot, really like a summer’s day, so we were able to prepare the table on the patio.
Just recently I bought an iPod Touch 2G and with it I’m able to use the W-LAN internet at my mom’s house…so my sister and I sat outside with the iPod and watching videos on youtube on how to fold napkins…isn’t this crazy? I mean, doing something old-fashioned like folding napkins to roses, but watch the instructions on a little black Wi-Fi gadget. I love living in this times where old and new can be connected in such a cool and useful way!

After a long breakfast we went to a nearby fleamarket and shortly after it was time for our guests to arrive (my grandma, aunt and cousin). We had a wonderful day on the patio and in the garden, like I said it felt like midsummer! We had fresh strawberry cake and a barbecue in the evening. I was ablte to simply sit in a chair and read a book (I would have never believed those simple things can feel so important and relaxing).

I really enjoyed that day and hope my Mom was happy to have all her children around. It’s not that often at the moment that I can go and see her…I don’t have a car and the train round-trip ticket is 14,00€. So each time I want to see her I have to pay 14,00€ though it’s not that far, can you believe that? I love my Mom and I miss her so much!

Alles Liebe,

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  1. Salomé sagt:

    I like the way you write about your family and I think your mother is lucky to have an old daughter and a young daugther, it must be great. I like the atmosphere you describe and can feel your feelings at that time! It’s so good to take time with family or doing relaxing things like reading or even writing! I have to admit I feel a bit sad because I’m not so close from my family, I mean my family isn’t so close nowadays, we don’t like mum’s boyfriend, my mum never go out or meet anybody because of her problems with depression and alcohol and one of my aunt is a bit “strange (too long to explain…) and my mother and I don’t want to meet her anymore, and my cousin (who is daughter of this aunt) never phone anybody in my family and when I want to meet her she always seems busy.

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