Day 11 in Japan: A little bit sick

My plan was not to become sick while I’m in Japan…well it’s day #11 and i woke up with a really bad headache. Not the migraine type of headache but the „I’m getting sick“ one. Of course despite the fact I felt half dead I went to school and lessons were just as much funa s the days before. Today we had to write down what our best day ever looked like and we were allowed to make something up. So you can imagine our stories involved a lot of money and girls finding diamond rings by accident on the beach or receiving them by their boyfriends ^^ In the end we had to decide who’s day had been the best.

One hour after school I had a 20 minutes meeting with my class teacher about what I did before Japan, what goals I want to reach while I’m here and what i want to do after Japan.

On my way home i took some photos with the „sunset“-setting and I like the colors. This is the „Info gallery“ where we can buy books, rent bikes and electronic devides and so on. It’s an old and small Japanese buliding.


The car park and surrounding buildings.


That’s the school itself ^^


On the way I discovered something that might be a shrine.


Or is it not?


And of course another cute sign that says something like „take the poo back to your home“ XD


With my head ache I slept the entire afternoon and tried to drink a lot (I havn’t the last days). unbelievable, but it helped. Hopefully tomorrow I will be fully recovered!!! We’re taking the bus (adventure!!!) to the City Hall to get our Alien Registration Cards and want to explore another shopping center afterwards! Hooray!

Besides for the first time I made some meat for dinner…umami! God, that light soy sauce by Kikkoman is incredible!

Alles Liebe,

4 Gedanken zu „Day 11 in Japan: A little bit sick

  1. Everl sagt:

    Hey Mina,

    mach da kei sorge…brauchst di ned entschuldign^^
    Heut hat i wieder nachhilfe und i muss sagen mein neues team mag i echt gern^^ (also meine kiddis) ab nä woch hab ichs imma di…
    weil i jetza a weng panik schieb ollaweil vom pferd zu fallen wega ohnmachtsanfälle hab ich kein gutes gefühl mehr…
    sollt viell mal beim arzt vorbeischaun um mi durchzuchecken^^
    o weia…du weast krank?dann schick i gesundheit mit^^
    ich liebe das licht vorm sonnenuntergang..da werds imma ois so warm und gemütlich *hach*
    (es flockt heut imma wieda)

    drück di

  2. Salomé sagt:

    My dear friend,
    I hope all will be better for you tomorrow (I mean today as it’s morning for you…). I’m glad to see that you school day are so pleasant for you. And it seem you have more free time than in Germany… The photos you take are really beautiful, I like them a lot and Japan really has beautiful architecture.
    Thanks a lot for the coments on my photo, I really appreciate when people take time to coment my photos. And I’m so glad you received and took with you the photos I sent you! You didn’t told me you receive it and I was afraid you didn’t receive it before leaving.
    I really like reading your daily update, it’s a bit like traveling, being in holidays during some seconds…

  3. David sagt:

    Hallo, David (dailynihongo) von Twitter =)

    Es freut mich, von anderen Austauschstudenten in Japan zu hören. Sofern du es mir gestattest, verlinke ich dich auf meiner Seite? Hatte schon auf Twitter angefragt, aber ist wohl untergegangen^^

    Ansonsten finde ich es erstaunlich, dass du deine täglich Postroutine aufrechterhältst. Ich hinke so hinterher^^; Meine erste Erkältung hier ist auch schon längst überfällig. Bei all den Klimaanlagen und Temperaturschwankungen hier…

    Also dann, auf einen erfolgreichen Japanaufenthalt =)

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