50 hours to go…


Now in exactly 50 hours my oral exam in English Literature will be almost over. Oh how I wish it already would be  Thursday…on the other hand of course I do NOT wish it’s already Thursday. There’s still so much to do, to be precise to read. My restless companions awake and asleep are Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, the slightly more welcome ones Lady Audley, Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre.

Today it’s Sari’s birthday – so you can see there are other things that come to my mind – at times and only unclear. Happy Birthday, dear Sari! Feel hugged!

Now, if you would excuse me. There are some Irish poetic noblemen who demand my full attention.

Alles Liebe,

Ein Gedanke zu „50 hours to go…

  1. Sari sagt:

    ich hab da gestern in meinem briefkasten so einen blaugepunkteten Brief gefunden ;) Danke, danke für die schöne Post, ich habe mich total gefreut *knuddel*
    Antwort kommt dann demnächst und Dir gaaaaaaaaaanz viel Glück für deine Prüfung!!

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