Day 234 in Japan: Are you in love with somebody, or what?

Today it’s Tuesday, maybe my least favourite day of the week this semester. This morning I decided to be grumpy which is amusing because I know it was only a decision and feels much better than being in a bad mood for a real reason. The original plan was to wear shabby clothes and laze around at school. But somehow I ended up wearing a blazer and experimenting with make-up, in other words added eyeshadow and eyeliner to my daily mascara and found myself in the center of attention at lunch break…it’s amazing, whenever I do something that is totally normal if other people do it (like the use of make-up) I get an overwhelming amount of feedback, in this case compliments which made me feel good (そんなことないよ) but also uneasy. My entire life people gave me the feeling I’m different >< Nevertheless thanks for the nice words everyone ♥

Also my sudden attack of happiness didn’t remain unrecognized. So two people asked me today (regardless of each other) if I’ve got a boyfriend or like W.-chan preferred to phrase it ‚Are you in love with somebody, or what?‘ XD
Isn’t it startling that everyone assumes happiness has to be connected with a partner? Nobody seems to have the idea it is because I’m over my heartbreak, because I’ve started to open my eyes for other things than only one person. That I lead a life worth living with the support of my family, friends and classmates (not to forget book-off and chocolate).

Wait, there’s this little voice inside me screaming ‚But you do have a little crush!‚…ah, come on, shut up. Who hasn’t?

Alles Liebe,