Monday Morning


It’s monday morning and monday means my first free day of the week. stop…don’t think I’m lazy. I really neeed some free time to learn and keep my household running. or I will alaways end up like yesterday and clean my bathroom on sunday evenings.

Having another day before the week really starts gives me the feeling of escaping, at least for another day, for some hours. No, my university and job life isn’t always fun, i wonder when it had been fun for the last time…in the first semester? Still I keep fighting, I just realized again it’s no option for me to give up and forget about studying. I have to finish all of this before I can go on. You don’t have some spare money…let’s say 10.000 € you could give me as a present? No? I thought so.

But a small amount of money doesn’t mean I cannot live at all anymore. There’s always some left to be creative and give little presents to the persons I love…like my little easter nests here. They were filled with delicious marzipan/chocolate eggs sorted by colour. every nest had something special attached like the oishii Ferrero Rondnoir or a Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser for my little sister ^^


How did all of you spend the Easter holidays? Did you go abroad, spend it with your families or alone? Did you hide your eggs or haven’t received any at all?

There’s a Japanese translation to do, not to speak of Charles Dickens‘ Oliver Twist that wants to be read for my English literature exam. Hm, the craftsmen on the first floor of my apartment house seem to have stopped their annoying, loud work. This means I have no excuse NOT to learn anymore.

Alles Liebe,