Flickr Finds: Cute Cupcakes


1. a fairy cake, 2. the end of the garden, 3. ballet slippers, 4. ahh to be 16 again, 5. doughnuts, 6. different view, 7. candy pop land, 8. cupcakes go to hawaai, 9. riot of colour!!, 10. vintage tea set with cupcake, 11. Untitled, 12. DSC00724, 13. Hi-Top Cupcakes – Minis, 14. dots cupcakes, delcious red, 15. rose cupcakes, 16. luau fish

Today I found some awesome cupcake pictures on flickr, most of them by the same gorgeous creator Zalita from South Africa. Whenever I see photos like these I want to go and bake cupcakes myself…NOW!

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Alles Liebe,