Star Trek (11)


Yesterday I’ve been to Star Trek – The Movie…the new movie of course (don’t remind me of the original first Start Trek Movie *shudder*) and in contrast to my expectations I loved it. Well, I’m still not to fond of Chris Pine as James T. Kirk and that guy who’s supposed to be Chekov, but besides that, the movie is great. I recognized only some small logical mistakes (like Uhura ordering some Cardassian drinks…we don’t know the Cardassians so far) and I can accept those. It’s young, refreshing, there’s some good action and the first ten minutes of the film touched me more than anything Start Trek before has ever done (it might have been there was a little teardrop running down my cheek).

I really want to see more of that young crew, more movies? – Yes! A series – why not?

Just a last comment on Eric Bana, he’s just not the bad guy for me. No matter what clothes he wears, what hairstyle, there are alyways those puppy eyes ^^ I haven’t seen any other movie with him before, but I already love him for playing Henry in ‚The Time Traveler’s Wife‚. When is that movie going to be released in Germany???

Has anyone else seen Star Trek or read The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger?

Alles Liebe,