My little Pony: G3 Luau

I bought some My little Ponies off ebay recently (you can tell it’s exam time…buying ponies is one of my favourite procrastination activities) and finally got hold of a G3 pony I wanted for quite a while: Luau.

She was available as a Wal-Mart exclusive (with Sunshower) in 2004 and also seen at Toys R Us in 2005. I’m a little bit disappointed the seller didn’t mention the pen marks all over her body, but I’ll see what I can do. At least I gave her a cute new hairstyle. That’s what she looked like when she arrived here:

G3 My little Pony Luau

She’s in my preferred pose: the donkey pose ^^ I think it makes a pony look happy and a bit stupid (meant in a nice way) at the same time, so I thought some wild curls might be the best.

G3 My little Pony Luau

G3 My little Pony Luau

Welcome to my pony herd, Luau ^^

Alles Liebe,

7 Gedanken zu „My little Pony: G3 Luau

    • Mina sagt:

      Danke ^^ Ich habe die Haare gewaschen, danach strähnchenweise um Strohhalme gewickelt und mit kleinen Haargummis befestigt. Das Endergebnis siehst du oben. Allrdings hält es nicht besonders lange, denn die Locken glätten sich im Laufe der Zeit von alleine wieder.

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