Day 228 in Japan: なんセンチ-Bento + JLPT musing

Since yesterday my bike is broken again so today we had to walk to school, which isn’t bad when it rains anyway, because on the bike it’s almost impossible to hold an umbrella and you get soaking wet. Wednesday is one of the longest days in the week with lessons till 15:30 and I was a little bit tired, but if anything cheers me up it’s my wonderful classmates and a bento in honor of yesterday’s なんセンチ-fail with blushing onigiris xD

Almost all my elective classes are designed to train me for the JLPT N2. Although I have the feeling my Japanese skills are improving rapidly I seem to be unable to answer the questions, be it listening or reading comprehension. It’s frustrating and when I’m tired , which means even more emotional than usual (hear, hear xD), I have the feeling I just wanna walk out of the classroom and cry. I’m glad the JLPT is no requirement for my university degree.
I wonder how it is possible I have come to a point where I can watch TV, read manga and do great on school tests, but I feel like an analphabet when you hand me a N2 question >< For example there’s P. who is amazing when it comes to this stuff *bows* People like him make me want to study more and become better :3 I guess that’s one of the strong points of a place like Yamasa. You get better at Japanese, your classmates motivate you to study even more and someone like me is above all able to get back on track with life.

Alles Liebe,

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