My first G4 My little Pony

They are here, the fourth generation My little Ponies have arrived in Germany and I’m so excited. More than I can even tell. We went to check out Müller’s game section (today’s the release of Patapon as PSP Essential) and finally ended up in the toys department. I did not expect to see the G4 ponies over here before summer this year…but weeeeeeeeeee. They had the two story packs – one’s Fluttershy’s Nursery Tree and the other one is Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle’s Sweets Boutique – two story feature ponies (Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash), Rarity’s Royal Gem Carriage and a Rarity Styling pony. And guess who’s got an adorable little Fluttershy O_O (and tiny she is). And I didn’t have to buy it myself :boy: :heart_pink:

My little Pony G4 Fluttershy's Nursery Tree

My little Pony G4 Fluttershy’s Nursery Tree MIB

My little Pony G4 Fluttershy's Nursery Tree

My little Pony G4 Fluttershy's Nursery Tree

My little Pony G4 Fluttershy's Nursery Tree

G3 and G4 Fluttershy(s)

Alles Liebe,

For Salomé – Silver Glow


My dear friend,
after some pony buys at the fleamarket I checked my „My little Pony – need to be washed and brushed“-box and look what I found! I knew there was something special about the keychain, that I had seen the according G3 pony XD I wouldn’t have expected to find it in a box in my living room, but now the two are together next to my computer, so I can look at them! Thank you so much!

By the way her name is „Silver Glow“ <3

Alles Liebe,

A new Collector’s Pony


After all, something new is coming up by Hasbro, that is not ugly and uncreative G4, but a new Collector’s Pony designed by Mizuno Junko, that is simply gorgeous. It lacks her normal disposition to combine scary and cute elements, so what we get is a mere cute Pony and I really want to have it on display in my showcase…or perhaps above my computer table, so I can see it while designing myself!? XD You can pre-order at entertainment earth.

I want to take this as an ocassion to present all recent Design Ponies:


Look at the bird on the back foot, cute!


I don’t like those two very much, the eyes are a bit creepy!


Teh so called Peacock Pony is beautiful, but I feel it’s a bit annyoing all ponies are in that same Core 7 pose.



Those two pictures show the right and left side of this years Comic Con Pony. Now that I take a closer look I have to admit there’s one creepy eye, too, but still: it rocks! :3

Alles Liebe,