Day 230 in Japan: A little more of the perfect life

From my point of view Friday was another chapter in my (almost) perfect life recently. Are my classmates involved? You bet they are! School was fun, maybe a little bit too much because my teachers start to be annoyed by my good mood which is equivalent to I can’t stop laughing during class. But hey, who could when after you’ve learned the Japanese word for ‚incest‘ your neighbour shows you his dictionary where it says in English ‚a warm family reunion‘.

After school I set off to Aeon Mall with G. and. J. to buy a present for G.’s friend. I was to shops I’d never been to before and took pictures of some adorable baby stuff like the strawberry hat and the animal rompers above ^^ My Japanese is far from being fluent but it’s really nice that we’ve all come to a point where we’re able to talk about almost everything. When I had arrived here I was always afraid to meet with people with whom my only common language is Japanese, that’s not the case anymore :3

Later in the afternoon the three of us and P. and S.-kun met at the Student Village to cook and it was a lot of fun. Although I can’t imagine to live in the Student Village I have to admit it’s a fun place to hang out, because there’s always somebody and you know I love to be in the middle of events (or should I say attention? *muahaha*).
G. and J. made Chinese pizza for us. The ingredients for the dough are almost the same as for normal pizza only that we didn’t use yeast and the pizza isn’t baked in the oven but made with a lot of oil in a pan. Very yummy.

The initiation for our little meeting was an yoghurt-ice cream recipe our teacher had pinned to the wall in the classroom. P. offered to make it for us so we ended up having a cooking-party :3 All we needed for the ice cream was yoghurt and meringue, though it’s not easy to beat the egg whites without a mixer ><

S.-kun made tasty Asian food and A. joined us with selfmade brownies and apple pie ._.

Next time it’s my turn to cook, I’d say ^^

After dinner we were more or less unable to move and I wonder how we made it to S.-kun’s apartment, especially so fast because we tried to avoid the ice cream from melting away completely xD H.-chan was the last to join us there and we watched Inglourious Basterds.

Ah, I’m sourrounded by so many wonderful people <3

Wah, who’s that? Could be me, huh? And I look tired but happy xD

In the end we realized we had made plenty of ice cream like in ice cream for around 20 to 24 people instead of ice cream for 6 servings lmao A good reason to meet the next day too and watch another movie.

Alles Liebe,

Day 229 in Japan: Fruits Basket

Today it was so warm I dared to wear my new white, cute as a button skirt :3 With the original plan to study only six months here I’d be back home by now – in other words I don’t have any clothes for spring or summer with me. A good reason to regluraly go to uniqlo to look for some nice shirts and skirts. Apparel was also the topic of last weeks elective class for daily life vocab. To review the words we played a popular game called Fruits Basket today.

You have one guess who was the onigiri -_- I had to say sentences like „everybody who wears a Poloshirt“…then the affected players had to stand up and change places while I had to try and take one of their seats first to be displaced as the onigiri. This was quite some action, I tell you. H.  ended up on somebody’s lap while I body checked another player to get a seat xD
Epic Fail of that day: After the sentence „everybody who wears underpants“ all the other players were really fast and had already changed seats, so I was lazy and remained on my chair. Ten pairs of eyes stared at my with a „you don’t wear panties?“-look ><*

Today’s picture shows another creepy snack I saw today at the supermarket. Peanuts and fish…yummy ;P

Alles Liebe,

Day 228 in Japan: なんセンチ-Bento + JLPT musing

Since yesterday my bike is broken again so today we had to walk to school, which isn’t bad when it rains anyway, because on the bike it’s almost impossible to hold an umbrella and you get soaking wet. Wednesday is one of the longest days in the week with lessons till 15:30 and I was a little bit tired, but if anything cheers me up it’s my wonderful classmates and a bento in honor of yesterday’s なんセンチ-fail with blushing onigiris xD

Almost all my elective classes are designed to train me for the JLPT N2. Although I have the feeling my Japanese skills are improving rapidly I seem to be unable to answer the questions, be it listening or reading comprehension. It’s frustrating and when I’m tired , which means even more emotional than usual (hear, hear xD), I have the feeling I just wanna walk out of the classroom and cry. I’m glad the JLPT is no requirement for my university degree.
I wonder how it is possible I have come to a point where I can watch TV, read manga and do great on school tests, but I feel like an analphabet when you hand me a N2 question >< For example there’s P. who is amazing when it comes to this stuff *bows* People like him make me want to study more and become better :3 I guess that’s one of the strong points of a place like Yamasa. You get better at Japanese, your classmates motivate you to study even more and someone like me is above all able to get back on track with life.

Alles Liebe,

Day 227 in Japan: Nansenchi and homework at the pond

Welcome to another day in my lovely life. Above you can see a picture that shows my daily study place at school. Love the colors of the pencase, the diamond eraser (すてきな消しゴムですね) and my kireizukin seikatsu pen <3
Tuesday is one of the more lazy and boring days of the week, but it’s the little things that make me shine…like the feeling that someone thinks of me early in the morning, H.-chan who spent lunch break with us or the feeling of friendship that accompanies me all day long thanks to some wonderful people all over the planet.

Epic fail of today was a naive question of mine that turned into something unintended: After school I met with A. and S. outside at the smokers corner (and I swear never before have so many people been smoking at once ><) and T.-kun was there, standing on a small step and compared our height. Without any bad intentions I asked him…and I have to point out that I’ve been asked this by Japanese people in the same way…“何センチ?“ which means „How many centimeters?“
Do I have to say more? I blushed and would have preferred to be somewhere else while everybody else roared with laughter >< P. even added a „さすがElisa“ (=typical or indeed) D:
Mah, I guess it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself XP

A. and I decided to do our homework at  a nearby pond because it’s nice to be outside…and we had heard that a lot of Yamasa students go jogging there :3 It’s a lovely place with lots of ducks, grannies with dogs…but no students xD Apparently there are several ponds near student village and we had chosen the wrong one. Epic fail of the day No. 2!

Ha, so here we finally are, enjoying the sunlight and doing our homework on the warm stonesteps at the right place!

The best fries on earth for dinner: First Kitchen’s B.B.Q. potatoes <3

Ha, you know you want them, too!

It’s after midnight and time for bed. *blushes and runs off*

Alles Liebe,

Day 226 in Japan: Udonya

Monday and start of a new week with 27°C *weee* Finally a day warm enough to wear flip flops and my new long skirt :3 I had to bike to school alone as A. is still sick in bed and one of my wheels made strange movements while I cycled but I arrived safely at school and class was fun as usual. I was accused of having a dirty mind, found out that Asian people don’t seem to know what the Kama Sutra is (for a version with more pictures use the Hungarian wikipedia, please ;P…I did some research *cough* and holy moly, there’s a whole chapter only on biting and scratching) and was lmao of when M. replied to the question if anyone of us has got children yet „いるかどうか、わかりません“ (which means something like I don’t know if I have any children but it’s possible) xD

I was out for lunch with some classmates at the Udonya that is more or less just around the corner but so far I hadn’t been there. My ramen (wait, I ordered soba but got ramen?) was yummy and only 320 Yen, I’ll be sure to go there again soon. Whenever I see S.-kun, who was with me at lunch, I have to think of Tim Mälzer…actually he looks like an Asian version of him. And with H.-chan (the cute guy with the freckles who is simply adorable when you poke him ;P) being another German in my class I had someone who agreed *lol*

After school P. offered to help me with my bike which makes him my hero for the third time within a couple of days <3 You see, I’m treated like a princess and have a really good time. I spent parts of the afternoon sitting outside in the sun and the rest of it talking to one of my best friends (who is unfortunately back in Canada…but yay for modern communication and internet).
I know I use this word inflationary at the moment…but I’m happy. ^^

Alles Liebe,

weekly retrospect 02

In my universe I’m the sun

Somehow you can’t call this a ‚weekly‘ retrospect, but…well, let’s ignore that. I’m here to give a short update, because most people might wonder what I do all the time because I stopped blogging back in October January (I have difficulties uploading pictures and can’t send emails with attachments…it’s annoying ><*).

At the moment I live the perfect life…I’m still in Okazaki and spring has come to this part of Japan with a lot of cherry blossoms, green and all kinds of other beautiful flowers. I managed to get into C class this semester (with A being the highest level) and have a great class. Actually my class is so great that I’m looking forward to going to school everyday, just to meet them and have fun during class. Besides that we meet several times after school and go to the movies, eat together or make trips. When I’m not out with them I’m of course with my girls, just hanging out or biking around Okazaki to buy cute stuff or cheap manga. I see temples and shrines, kawaii stationary…okay, everything in Japan is kawaii, a lot of craziness…I spend time in stylish cafés, eat my food using chopsticks and speak Japanese. If I’m in the mood on the weekend I just stay at home and spend the entire day on my futon writing letters to my family.

You could say I’m happy :3

Activities or What’s going on in Okazaki?

Highlight of this week was without doubt this weekend. Friday after school I went to Mr. Donut to eat cookie crullers with my classmates, in the evening we watched Iron Man. On Saturday the same group of people and even some more went to Nishio together to see the tea fields (do I have to mention we got lost xD), eat BIG Brazilian pizza and spend the rest of the evening at a pond, looking at the stars and talking about a lot of dirty interesting stuff xD
Today I spent some quality time with my Japanese friend Y. at an adorable café near Minami Koen and managed to send home some printed matter packages with A. and S.

And now I sit here, listening to my iPod in front of the open window, look forward to tomorrow (26°C) and send some short messages to the ones I love and miss before I go to bed. Have I mentioned I’m happy? :3

Alles Liebe,