I’m back to swapping

swap-bot.com is a website for all those who love to create and receive nice packages and letters. I had been a member several years ago and swapped for quite a while. Until I came across several members that prefered to send low qualitiy stuff or nothing at all, so I finally cancelled my account.

Still, I couldn’t forget how much I had enjoyed the basic idea of swapping and especially tea swaps had been fun most of the time. That’s why I’m back and signed up for my first swap after two years: ★ June Teapot ★ My packages are ready and will be sent out tonight ^^ I can’t await to pull out my own from the letter box and try out new tea flavors :3

Alles Liebe,

2 Gedanken zu „I’m back to swapping

    • Mina sagt:

      Mir macht es auch Spaß, auch wenn man sich eben klar machen muss, dass es überall schwarze Schafe gibt beziehungsweise nicht immer der eigene Geschmack genau getroffen wird. Aber hin und wieder einen kleinen Swap mitzumachen und dann nette Post im briefkasten vorzufinden…das bringt ein wenig Sonne ins Leben :letter:

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